Get Caught Up On The Walking Dead In Two Minutes

The Walking Dead will return to AMC for its Season 7 premiere on Sunday, Oct. 23 and most everyone is expecting record numbers for viewship as the cliffhanger to close the last run of episodes is an all-timer.

For fans of the show the guessing game as to who meets their end has been torturous as well as entertaining. For those just being swept up into the excitement, is here to help.

You can get caught up on all the key points from Season 1-6 by watching our video above -- or keep reading below for all the information we have been putting out in advance of the premiere.

Find out more about some of the characters you will learn more about in Season 7:

Who is Simon? | Who is Negan? | Who is Dwight?

And why certain characters are going to die soon: Like Abraham. Or Daryl. Or maybe it is Maggie, based on this clue ... or Glenn, because of THIS.

Get a first look at Ezekial and his tiger, Shiva, right here. Learn about 5 spin-off shows, we want to see that use TWD idea as a backdrop.

Read what executive producer Greg Nicotero said about Rick losing his hand, as well as how Negan's victim was selected.

There is a theory that, perhap, Negan is a hero. At least that is what actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan wants to have put out to the world.

Our The Walking Dead expert, Brandon Davis, gave his prediction as to how the show will play out. He says it will be a "now and then" epsiode that keeps people watching and slowly figuring it out, until the kill(s) are shown.

The Walking Dead first aired in 2010 as a six episode premiere season. Following the massive acclaim for the adaptation of Robert Kirkman comics, the Frank Darabont run production was renewed for a second which would run for a 13-episode Season 2 and four more 16-episode seasons would follow with Scott Gimple taking the reigns as showrunner in 2013.

The series is the highest rated on cable, airing Sundays at 9 p.m. ET and averaging over 12 million live viewers with each new hour.

It was also recently renewed for Season 8 -- so there is more zombie-killing action to come.


A start date for Season 8 has yet to be revealed but the series typically launches its new season in mid to late October each year.

The first episode The Walking Dead's eighth season will be the 100th overall, so expect something spectacular to close this run, leaving fans white-knuckling for more when it come times to get going for next year.