'Riverdale' Will Reveal More of Alice's Southside Serpent Past

The small town of Riverdale is filled with interesting characters but, few are as feisty or as devious as Alice Cooper. And yet, she's the kind of mother most would be lucky to have in their corner.

Whether she's helping expose conspiracies or covering up the scene of a murder, there's little Alice wouldn't do for her kids. And part of that comes from her past as a member of the Southside Serpents, which Riverdale will begin to explore in coming episodes.

ComicBook.com spoke with actor Mädchen Amick about her role as Alice, when she teased more details would come to light.

"I'm excited to see Alice Cooper's past and her Serpent roots and so with that comes quite a complicated relationship with FP and Jughead," Amick teased. "We've had some layers of that already that will be in upcoming episodes, which has been really fun to explore and play."

While Alice has been more than unfriendly toward Jughead, the show teased a shared history with FP Jones. There was also an intense moment where FP told her to go to their old hangout, to which Alice responded her husband Hal wouldn't go for it.

"Then leave him!" FP said, before clarifying "Leave him at home." Awkward, sexual tension ensued.

Alice's relationship with Hal has always been rocky on Riverdale. Amick spoke about her character's marriage, calling it a realistic take on a union between two people.

"What's so great, what I do love about the relationship between Alice and Hal is that on the one hand you look at it and you think 'This is a ridiculous relationship,'" Amick said. "But at the same time, it's incredibly common for husbands and wives to just be sticking it out and constantly needling each other and at odds and then all of a sudden they're together with no real explanation and then they're at odds again. It's fun to play that. A more realistic relationship to be honest."

The actor admitted it was hard to fathom her character's mindset at first, but now she's come to comprehend why Alice raises her children the way she does.

"At first there was really nothing I understood about the way that Alice parents but the one core thing that I could relate to and I understood is the 'I will do anything for my family, period.' It redeems a lot of what she does," Amick said. "She's incredibly reactive and she doesn't think her reactions through very well but in the end her intentions are always to fight tooth and nail for her loved ones."

Fans will get to see the next step for Alice Cooper and her family after last week's shocking cliffhanger when Riverdale airs on Wednesday at 8/7c on The CW.

RiverdaleWednesday at 8 PM ET on The CW


RiverdaleWednesday at 8 PM ET on The CW

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