Launches Earth's Mightiest Week to Celebrate 'Avengers: Endgame'

Exclusive Launches Earth's Mightiest Week to Celebrate 'Avengers: Endgame'

'Rick & Morty' Creator Is Optimistic About Season 4

The wait continues for an official Rick & Morty order, but co-creator Dan Harmon isn’t letting the delay get to him. Last month, fans grew concerned when the writer revealed the show hadn’t been okayed for a fourth season, but Harmon wants fans to know everything is alright. In fact, he seems confident the show will be back with more gags soon enough.

Recently, Harmon sat down with Den of Geek at the Tribeca Film Festival to talk about Rick & Morty’s chance at a new season. It was there the writer said he is optimistic about the show’s chances but refused to say much else.

“I’m optimistic right now, at the moment,” Harmon revealed. “Negotiations are tough. It’s an unprecedented situation, and everybody’s being real cool and wants to make an agreement happen so that we can get started. That’s about all I can say.”

This comment sounds much more optimistic than the one Harmon shared back in March. Taking to Twitter, the writer responded to fan complaints questioning the show’s crew for working on a music video rather than season four. Harmon came to his team’s defense and told the world Rick & Morty had yet to secure a new season order.

“On one hand, it can be challenging, especially with crippling lazy alcoholism, to write a show that hasn’t been ordered by a network. On the other hand, the thought that fans like you pay the price...I mean...I’m gonna grab a drink,” Harmon wrote.

Recently, things appeared to be on the upswing for Rick & Morty as Harmon told Kevin Smith a few weeks ago that contract negotiations were on-going. In fact, he pinned the show’s delays on that process as they were more complicated this time around.

“The reason why we we're not working on 'Rick & Morty' right now ain't because I figured out that I don't need to impress you,” he said. “It's a little something called contract negotiations, and it's gotten complicated this time around."


There is no word on why the contract negotiations are more difficult this time around, but fans can make some educated guesses. After all, Rick & Morty went from being a cult hit to a mainstream comedy over the course of season 3. The show’s infamous McDonald’s Szechuan sauce launched the show into the forefront of entertainment, giving Rick & Morty the ratings to make it a top-watched comedy. In light of that success, there is every chance creators Justin Roiland and Harmon want bigger payouts for themselves and their team. Now, it is up to Cartoon Network and Adult Swim to find the cash to do just that.

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