'Supernatural' Season 14 Premiere Recap: 'Stranger in a Strange Land'

The episode begins with Sam Winchester in control. He’s behind the wheel of baby, but without Dean around, everything feels off.

As for Dean, fans meet him soon enough. Or, rather, they meet his body. Michael is in full control of the hunter, and he’s paying a visit to a devout man praying. Dressed in a sleek suit and hat, Michael is on a mission and visiting people to ask them a simple question.

“What do you want,” Dean asks.

As fans see, the holy man gives a peaceful answer, but Michael antagonizes him over his choice to leave Syria and cheat on his wife. The encounter only tells Michael humans aren’t worth saving, and he’s going to make a better world.

Back at the hunters’ base, Mary Winchester. The group has come together after an attack when wrong, and Sam shows up from a recent trip to Atlanta. He has been looking for Michael, and Castiel is in Detroit. It’s been nearly a month since Dean went away, and Sam is feeling pretty pessimistic about their chances.

As for Jack, we meet the de-powered boy fighting with the Apocalypse World’s Bobby. The older man is teaching Jack how to fight now that his powers are gone, and they have a heart-to-heart over Ghandi.

Over in Detroit, Castiel meets with a suited man. The man turns out to be a demon, and Castiel is willing to meet with the man because he needs information. The demon makes a lewd remark about how Castiel lost Dean when the pair are usually so closely connected. When he doesn’t offer up information, Castiel says he will kill the demon if he does not give up his information, and Castiel is pushed into a battle when the demon reveals their meeting has been a set up.

In a church, fans meet up with Sister Jo as the angel closes a service. On her way home, she is met by Michael, and she is able to see through his disguise as Dean easily. He wants to talk with Sister Jo, or rather, the angel within her. He asks her the same question he’s done to everyone else.

Michael says he knows about Jo because of Dean. The angel says her trinkets don’t please her because what she really wants is love, a home. Michael believes she is disappointing because she wants something so human, and he doesn’t think angels are worth saving if they are all like her.

Back at base, Sam and Jack have a chat. The older man tries to speak with Jack about his loss of power, and Sam wants the boy to know they all have faith in him. Mary comes in to tell Sam someone is awake, forcing the older man to leave Jack alone.

As it turns out, the person being talked about is Nick. The former vessel of Lucifer is now in Sam’s world, and he seems plenty normal. Though plagued with nightmares, Nick is getting better, and Sam asks to see the man’s wound. Nick says he does not know how he lived when Lucifer died, and Sam is at a loss as well.

Nick says he doesn’t remember anything about Dean or Michael. Sam is trying to get details about his brother, and Sam exits the room overwhelmed. He gets a call from Castiel, and it turns out the demons are holding the angel hostage as they want to speak with Sam.

Now, Sam is off to save Castiel, and Mary warns everyone it is a trap. The team gets gear to go out, and Jack asks to go since he wants to save Castiel.

Back with the demons, Castiel has a chat with his captors. He wants to know why he is being used as bait, and the demon says that is what the angel is made for. The demons need something from Sam, and it turns out the suited demon was visited by Michael. He was asked what he wanted, and the demon realized what he wanted... and that is everything.

In the car, Sam and Mary have another talk. He is upset by her optimism at finding Dean. Mary says she knows her son is still out there and has to think about the good and not think about him being dead. She says neither of them can drown in this.

For Jack, Bobby gives him some advice. The older man says he will have the boy’s back in this battle.

At the meet-up, Sam faces the demons holding Castiel hostage. The suited demon welcomes him in and says his name is Kip. The demons managed to gather the others who came, hitting Jack in a sucker blow. Kip wants to make a deal with Sam now over all of their lives.

Sam asks what the guy wants. The demon says Hell is in a pickle, and Sam should care. Demons are now moving into a power play, and that is what Kip is looking to fill. He wants to be the new Crowley to the Winchesters; He can give them information and have them turn a blind eye to the demon warfare going on. Sam refuses, enraging Kip. He gives the hunter one last chance, and Sam says no.

Kip baits Sam with information. As it turns out, there are more hunters in the back. Bobby and Mary were not caught, and a fight ensues. The grunt demons are taken out, but Jack and Bobby take licks doing so. However, when the final demons begin battling, the hunters find themselves as a disadvantage.

Soon enough, Sam manages to kill Kip, and the demons stop their fight at the sight. He says there will be no new King of Hell, so the rest of the demons run.

The group leaves and heads back to base. Sam and Castiel have a conversation about how they may free Dean from Michael’s hold. The two open up about how hard Dean’s absence as been on them. Mary and Bobby also chat, but it is Jack who gets emotional when Castiel speaks to him. The boy is upset at how powerless he is, and he thinks he has nothing. Castiel, however, says the boy has him and all the hunters. He has a family.

Going to his room, Sam gets a call from an unknown number. It is Jo, and she tell him they have a problem.

With Michael, he is seen telling a person they know exactly what they want. This person knows just what they want, and Michael says they are worth saving. The angel reveals he is teaming up with monsters — vampires and the whole like — because they know what they want and that is to eat.



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