Did Jason Momoa Wait Until Now to Shave His Beard Because He Returns in 'Game of Thrones' Final Season?

Jason Momoa shocked his legion of fans on Thursday morning when he posted a video online revealing that he had shaved off his legendary beard. The facial hair that has been a trademark of most of his characters, including Aquaman, but he has decided to remove it for a good cause. Momoa shaved the beard as part of his video to raise awareness about the harm plastic is causing our planet. He even introduced a solution in the form of water in aluminum cans, which are much more recyclable.

While this clean shave was all about making the world a better place, is there a possibility that the timing of the video was set because of one Momoa's acting gigs? Could the reason he waited until now to make that video be because he had to keep the beard to film something specific? You know, something like Game of Thrones?

It may be a stretch but let's think about this for a second. Yes, Khal Drogo died in the very first season of Game of Thrones and he hasn't been seen since. But that doesn't mean he won't show up at all in the final season. When you consider everything that's at stake for Daenerys Targaryen right now, and the fact that she could be facing multiple life and death scenarios makes it possible for her to potentially see pieces of her past. What bigger piece of her past is there than her first real love?

Think back to Rick's final episode on The Walking Dead. Quite a few dead characters came back in a series of visions, offering retrospective look at his journey on the show, helping him formulate an idea of what he should do next. The same happened for other major characters like Sasha and Tyreese. It wouldn't be a stretch for Daenerys to have a similar situation at the end of Game of Thrones. If that was the case, and Momoa had to reprise his role of Khal Drogo, he probably needed to keep his beard until he finished filming the flashback.

There's also the ongoing theory that the spirit of Khal Drogo is still alive and well inside Drogon, Dany's beloved dragon. This could definitely set up a way in which Momoa could be worked into a scene in the final season.

Is Momoa going to show up in the last season of Game of Thrones? Probably not, and it likely has nothing to do with the timing of his shave. But it's still fun to dream. Let us dream.



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