Adventure Time: Distant Lands - Together Again Clip Is Classic Finn and Jake

The new Adventure Time: Distant Lands special Together Again is set to release later this week on May 20th on HBO Max, and ahead of its premiere, has been provided an exclusive clip to share of the highly anticipated installment. In the clip, which you can check out above, Finn and Jake must once again rescue princesses from the clutches of the Ice King and his latest dastardly, if poorly executed, plot. While it is relatively short, the clip does see both Finn and Jake once more together again.

Notably, Finn and Jake were both largely absent from the previous two Adventure Time: Distant Lands specials, BMO and Obsidian. While not much about Together Again has been officially released, the above clip included, it is known that it will focus on the two heroes and "the adventure of their lifetimes," whatever that actually means. You can check out the key art for the upcoming animated special below:

Here's how HBO Max describes the upcoming Together Again special:

"In Together Again, after a break from adventuring, a series of mysterious events leads Finn and Jake farther from home than they have ever traveled before. When they find themselves face to face with a monstrous evil, Finn and Jake must unite for the adventure of their lifetimes!"

As noted above, the new Together Again special is set to release on HBO Max later this week on May 20th. The previous two Adventure Time: Distant Lands specials, BMO and Obsidian, are currently available to stream on the subscription service. The final announced Adventure Time: Distant Lands special, Wizard City, does not yet have a release date, but it seems fair to assume that it will release later this year. Adventure Time concluded after 10 seasons back in 2018. Adventure Time: Distant Lands was announced for HBO Max in late 2019. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Adventure Time right here.


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