Agents of SHIELD EP Reveals One Major Regret From the Series

Agents of SHIELD came to an end on Wednesday, and the show's cast and crew have spent this week [...]

Agents of SHIELD came to an end on Wednesday, and the show's cast and crew have spent this week reflecting on the series' seven-year run. The executive producers have recently shared everything from the Marvel Comics character who almost made it into the series to a little history behind the show's surprise romance. According to TV Line, the show's EPs also shared their biggest regret from the series during their virtual press tour. When it comes to regrets, their choice wasn't about story or missed opportunities, but rather an often-used filming location.

"I wish we didn't live in so many corridors because we had no money," Jeffrey Bell shared with reporters. Maurissa Tancharoen agreed, adding, "Everyone's like, 'Why are they back in these gray halls?'"

Chloe Bennet, who played Daisy "Quake" Johnson on the series, previously mentioned the hallways to TV Line, and revealed her excitement for new locations in the final season. "You're telling me! Every day we were literally in those hallways, and if a scene was two minutes long we were there [filming] for seven hours. It was really, really exciting for the cast and the crew to get out of the stages and get out of the gray space hallways, because it does affect your mood."

Agents of SHIELD's final scene even poked fun at the drab filming location. It's revealed that Mack (Henry Simmons) is still the Director of SHIELD one year later, but he's now based on a SHIELD helicarrier. He mentions "all those years in hallways," and shares that he's now glad to have a view.

During their round of press interviews, the Agents of SHIELD EPs also talked about the struggle of working with Marvel.

"We were starting a Marvel series with five new characters who hadn't existed in the comic books," Bell explained. "So people were like, 'Boo, we don't like these people.' And what Marvel would give us is, 'You can't even have Loki's staff. You can have, like, this left-handed thing.' You know? So there was an expectation from the audience that we're gonna see a superhero show with a lot of Marvel brand names. And we weren't allowed to do that. And we had the big secret, which was we cannot say the 'H' word. We could not say 'Hydra.' We could not spoil that for Winter Soldier or it would ruin it for everyone."

The first six seasons of Agents of SHIELD are currently streaming on Netflix, and the series finale is available to watch on Hulu.