Agents of SHIELD: Chloe Bennet and Showrunners Talk Daisy and Sousa

Agents of SHIELD came to an end last night, and a few fan-favorite couples were endgame. While [...]

Agents of SHIELD came to an end last night, and a few fan-favorite couples were endgame. While romances like FitzSimmons have been a huge staple of the entire series, Agents of SHIELD's final season saw the fast-burn ship of Daisy Johnson (Chloe Bennet) and Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj). Sousa was originally a character on Agent Carter, and fans were surprised by how quickly they found themselves shipping him with "Quake." During a recent round of interviews with the cast and showrunners, they explained how the romance came to be.

"The chemistry was something that was a hope," Jed Whedon explained. "It was a hope, but we weren't for sure. But fortunately, because TV is made on the fly, you can react to what you see, and we felt like the chemistry was there right from the start. Once we found the angle, it actually came from Chloe laughing at something Enver said and just laughing at it, like 'This goof', and that was like a light bulb of, 'Oh, she thinks he's a dork.'"

"Right. They're such an unlikely pair," Maurissa Tancharoen added. "And we liked the idea of Daisy, this strong, powerful woman who's been through a slew of failed relationships, doesn't even realize that she's finding him charming. She's just finding him goofy. So she can't quite put her finger on it until it's right there, until she has to go through a time loop over and over and over again, that same moment where she realizes, 'My God, this guy is so solid.'"

"Well, Drew [Greenberg] wrote that great scene, that 'people like you need people like me' scene," Jeffrey Bell explained. "I mean, for me, it was one of my favorite things this year. I mean, that was at Groundhog Day, but that scene and Enoch at the end were tremendous, but just getting inside those two characters like that, you go, 'Oh, that's why they belong together.' It was beautiful."

"And his strength, one of the things you know at this point that she is Quake, she's a superhero, and how do you find someone who can match that?," Whedon added. "But what it is, is that he's so grounded and just so solid and not in any way intimidated by the fact that she's this strong."

"And also knowing his role in it, that he is there to support her strength and be there for her, if she does fall, to help her get back up," Tancharoen replied. "I just love that about him as a man, to recognize that 'this is who I am in this dynamic with this strong woman.'"

Bennet also explained that she was a "big Dousy fan" and talked about their kiss and the difficulty of filming the time loop episode. "It's a really hard line to walk. Of going, 'Okay. So we have to vibe this. And by the middle of the episode, they are kissing.' And how do we not only have Daisy understand each time loop and process that she's in a time loop that they're ... 'Okay, now this one has to go do this.' ... At the same time, she had to be falling for Sousa. My brain was fried and thank God [Elizabeth Henstridge] was there. It was crazy."

The first six seasons of Agents of SHIELD are currently streaming on Netflix, and the series finale is available to watch on Hulu.