Agents of SHIELD: SPOILER Given Amazing But Concerning New Abilities

The fourth episode of Agents of SHIELD's final season, 'Out of the Past,' just aired and revealed [...]

The fourth episode of Agents of SHIELD's final season, "Out of the Past," just aired and revealed the fate of Agent Carter's Daniel Sousa. In addition to following the classic black and white noir-style of many iconic films, this week's episode also gave us new insights into what's going on with Agent May (Ming-Na Wen). Ever since she woke up from her death experience in the season's second episode, we've been pretty concerned about May. The character has been more unfeeling and stoic than usual, and last week she seemed to have a panic attack mid-mission, which is very unlike her. However, this week's episode revealed that May actually has an incredible new gift... But is the price too high?

May had a couple of weird moments during "Out of the Past," which caused Jemma to be concerned. Yo-Yo and Jemma talk things out with May, trying to get to the bottom of her disorientation. May reveals that she hasn't felt anything since returning from the spirit world where she fought Izel. That is, until the panic attack she had in the previous episode. She revealed she also felt confusion after shaking Sousa's hand, and giddiness when looking at a device with Jemma. When asked how she was feeling now, May replies that she's worried. That's when Yo-Yo removes Jemma's hand from May's leg, and they realize May has been absorbing the emotions of the people she touches. On one hand, this is a pretty cool ability. On the other hand, we're worried May won't be able to feel her own emotions again.

Not only does May have this new ability, but it led to yet another sad encounter with LMD Coulson. When she first saw him, she had zero reaction to the fact that the man she loved was standing in front of her, alive. "Aren't you at all surprised? I mean, I was dead," LMD Coulson said to May. "You still are," she replied as she walked away. While this was super harsh, we now know why May was acting so cold. At the end of the new episode, May touches LMD Coulson, and you can see the glimmer of hope in his eyes that maybe she's coming back to him. Sadly, she just announces that she can't feel anything from him, and walks away. Our Philinda hearts are hurting, but we trust that Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon won't let us down in the end.

Agents of SHIELD airs Wednesday nights on ABC at 10 PM EST.