Animaniacs New Season Release Date Revealed By Hulu

Animaniacs will be returning in November in the form of a new thirteen episode season beginning on November 20. The series will be heading to Hulu, despite being developed by Warner Brothers. Development on the series had begun prior to the launch and development of WB's HBO Max streaming service. The new run of episodes will welcome back beloved Animaniac characters, including Pinky and the Brain. It is being made by Amblin Television and Warner Bros. Animation and will feature Yakko, Wakko, and Dot in their usual chaotic endeavors.

"Yakko, Wakko, and Dot are back, and so are Pinky and the Brain," Rob Paulsen said recently to's Adam Barnhardt. "Moreover is that in this era of celebrities doing a lot of animated characters, and I get why the producers do it. I totally get it. I also know that just having a movie star do the talking chicken doesn't mean that the show's going to be a hit. You've got to have a good script, great characters, and terrific actors, whether they're celebrities or not."

Paulsen and the team behind Animaniacs have remained diligent in their work on the upcoming series throughout the year.

"Hulu is willing to spend the money on it," Paulsen said. "As I said, I appreciate you letting me, giving the opportunity to say my piece. But trust me, nobody's going to be ... There will always be people who are going to be disappointed. But there was a man who was president, and a much greater human than I, who said, 'You can't please all the people all the time.' He said it in a much bigger context than I, but the same is true in showbiz, you know?"


Having already seen the animation on the series, Paulsen is more than a little bit excited for the world to see these beloved characters return to television screens.

"Man, I'm telling you. It's going to be really good," Paulsen says.