Annie Murphy Reveals When She'll Return to Schitt's Creek Role (Exclusive)

Schitt's Creek was a bigger hit in its final season than at any other time during its run, leading to almost immediate speculation about the possibility of getting the band back together once the show was over. The award-winning series, about a rich family forced to live in a small, remote town where they had bought up all the land before losing most of their fortune, was created by Dan and Eugene Levy, and starred Canadian TV and film legends Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara. Speaking with about her new Freeform series Praise PeteySchitt's Creek star Annie Murphy broke down what she would like to see out of a prospective reunion.

When she spoke with us about the project back in June, Murphy said that her biggest goal for a reunion would just be seeing her castmates again. In her new interview, she joked that she's getting impatient waiting for Dan Levy to find a story he likes enough to build a movie around it.

"I mean, I'm not getting any younger," Murphy told's Chris Killian. "So, tick tock Daniel. If something's going to happen, let's make it happen!"

When Chris proposed the idea of a legacy sequel years or decades down the line, Murphy joked, "Imagine Alexis in an old folks home? That's a whole show. We need a series of that."

Freeform makes its animated debut with Praise Petey,  premiering on Friday, July 21st at 10:00 pm ET with two back-to-back episodes.  Episodes are available next day on Hulu. In it, Petey (aka Petra) begins the series as an NYC "It Girl" with everything figured out, until her well-curated life comes crashing down. As luck would have it, a mysterious gift from her deceased father gives her a new lease on life – taking over as leader of his small-town cult New Utopia. As Petey leans into her new role as a "girl boss," she discovers what it means to be a leader and how to find her voice as she tries to modernize her late father's small-town cult.