Apple TV+ Cancels Popular Show After One Season

Apple TV+ has cancelled the fan-favorite Joseph Gordon-Levitt led series Mr. Corman after just one season. According to Variety, the Season 1 finale, "The Big Picture", was released on Friday and will serve as the series finale as well. Mr. Corman first debuted on Apple TV+ on August 6 and followed Josh Corman (Gordon-Levitt), a former musician working as a fifth-grade public school teacher in Los Angeles who finds himself wondering what exactly he's doing with his life. The series was well-regarded by critics and currently sits at a 70 percent Tomatometer on Rotten Tomatoes.

Gordon-Levitt created, wrote, directed, and executive produced Mr. Corman in addition to starring in it. He was joined by Arturo Castro as Josh's friend and roommate Victor, Debra Winger as Josh's mom, and Juno Temple as Josh's ex Megan. Lucy Lawless, Hugo Weaving, Jamie Chung also starred. While Mr. Corman will not be going forward with additional seasons, Gordon-Levitt's relationship with Apple TV+ will continue. It's reported that he will voice a lead role on and executive produce the animated series Wolfboy and the Everything Factory. That series debuted on Apple TV+ last month.

Mr. Corman is one of the first shows on Apple TV+ to be cancelled. J.J. Abrams' Little Voice, inspired by the album of the same name by Sara Barellies, was confirmed to be cancelled back in August.

"This show was an interesting exercise in reflection," Barellies explained in a 2020 interview with The Los Angeles Times. "I got to relive some very formative moments with all this distance in perspective, but the truth of the moment stays intact: the vulnerability of sharing who you are or who you believe yourself to be, and getting feedback for the first time in any capacity. It's scary."

"We tried to cherry-pick from my experiences," Barellies continued. "When someone says, 'You're just the voice,' or conversely, 'You're just the writer, you don't have a voice for this kind of business,' or that man who says, 'I'm a huge fan, but I would have no idea what to do with you,' that's directly taken from my life."

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