Here Is When Arrow Seasons 1-8 Will Likely Leave Netflix

Fans have been experiencing The CW's Arrowverse of shows for almost a decade now, both through [...]

Fans have been experiencing The CW's Arrowverse of shows for almost a decade now, both through linear airing and through the shows streaming on Netflix. The universe of connected superhero shows began with the debut of Arrow, which aired for eight seasons before wrapping up earlier this year. If Netflix has been your main avenue for watching the series, a new piece of speculation hints at how long you might be able to do so. The website What's on Netflix recently speculated about Arrow's long-term future on the streaming platform, and suggested that the series will leave Netflix sometime in February of 2025.

This date was determined through considering the patterns of previous The CW shows on Netflix, particularly The Tomorrow People and 90210. The Tomorrow People left Netflix in October of 2019, exactly five years after its final season was uploaded to the streaming platform. Arrow's final season hit Netflix on February 5th of this year, so if it followed the same pattern, it would theoretically leave in February of 2025.

Of course, this date is ultimately speculatory, and there's always a chance that Arrow could leave Netflix before or after that arbitrary date. This is especially true given the rise of HBO Max, WarnerMedia's exclusive streaming service which launched earlier this year. Previous reports have indicated that programs like The CW's Arrowverse shows and Riverdale will ultimately make their way onto HBO Max, especially as the network has not renewed their contract to put new shows on Netflix. The CW's 2019-2020 new shows - Batwoman, Nancy Drew, and Katy Keene - all debuted on HBO Max at launch.

"You can expect the crown jewels of Warner will ultimately end up on the new service," WarnerMedia creative chief Kevin Reilly said in 2019. "Sharing destination assets is not a good model. My belief is they should be exclusive to the service."

Arrow follows the journey of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), a young man who uses his archery skills to avenge his father's death and save his city.

"It's what I want," Amell said of the series' ending last year. "I pitched it for a very long time. It's what I want, but concurrently, that doesn't mean that there aren't surprises along the way. I was floored when I got the pitch for the crossover. I don't see it coming -- nobody sees it coming. It's going to be so rad."