Better Call Saul Star Wants Walter White to Make a Cameo

The Emmys are tonight and that means that stars are already flooding the purple carpet before the big event. Better Call Saul is representing tonight and series star Bob Odenkirk had some fun talking about the possibility of seeing Bryan Cranston in the spin-off series at some point. Now, the show is no stranger to a subtle call-back to people mentioned in Breaking Bad, but this would be a whole nother level.

Variety approached the actor before the show and asked who his ideal cameo would be for Better Call Saul. Odenkirk playfully asked if anyone and everyone was on the table. That little aside could have tipped off some sort of off-the-wall choice from the past, but that wasn't the case here. Just like most fans of the show, he'd like to see Walter White just one more time in that universe.

Odenkirk began, “Oh an actor that could guest star on our show? It would have to be Bryan Cranston.”

When the interviewer asked who would Cranston play, the actor didn't even hesitate. He blurted, “Walter White, I would love to see him show up in the show. We’ll see, maybe, I don’t know.”

Just by the nature of time moving forward, Better Call Saul is inching closer to the time period that Breaking Bad took place in. Creator Vince Gilligan has said before that he's on the fence about including Walter White or Jesse (Aaron Paul) in the previous season. In fact, Jesse looks to be a bit busy with the El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie coming up. But, fans are always going to want to see Cranston revisit the role in some capacity.

Heading into last season, Odenkirk would tease at the expansion of the Breaking Bad universe through some different characters. He told Variety, "You're going to meet people who were referenced in Breaking Bad who you've never met, but you heard their name." So the backstories for some of these characters will continue to be fleshed out in the coming seasons.

Last year, Breaking Bad had a 10th-anniversary panel where Gilligan remained hesitant to name a timetable for the lead man to enter Better Call Saul. He did mention that some other familiar places were on the table to show up. Gilligan began, “I think there's an excellent chance of any or all of these folks showing up…[but] you will not see Walt or Jesse in Season 4 of Better Call Saul."

"Not to be a downer; we just hate jerking folks around," Gilligan added, teasing an eventual appearance of the Breaking Bad duo, to ABC News. "But I would suspect that we would be sorely remiss if these characters didn't appear on the show before it ended."


Cranston was actually at that panel, and he's remained firm that he doesn't want to see the series revived. That won't change fans' hunger for Breaking Bad, but he's sticking to that line of thinking.

“We’re very proud of our show and Better Call Saul. In some ways, it’s best to leave it alone – that you want to think back on it favorably,” Cranston told the audience. “I don’t want to mess with it. It was the perfect opportunity that changed all of our lives. It changed many lives on our show,” Cranston said.