Exclusive 'Bravest Warriors' Clip Sees One Team Member Sell His Emotions

The team from Bravest Warriors have a little trouble on their hands in this exclusive clip when it's discovered that Danny, arguable the most impulsive of the group, has been selling his emotions to handles for cold hard cash.

The exclusive clip above comes from an episode that aired today, November 9th. It's a relatively good indicator of the type of show Bravest Warriors is on a regular basis, if you're not already familiar. Here's the episode from which the clip is taken's synopsis as provided by VRV:

"When Danny's girlfriend breaks up with him, he handles the painful emotions like a maturing young adult… by peddling them off to a blackmarket Emotion Dealer for cash. Then, the Concierge has an urgent demand for Chris at Plum's sister's wedding."

Bravest Warriors is currently in its fourth season, which has been airing on VRV's Cartoon Hangover Channel on Fridays. It follows a group of teens as they deal with inexplicable problems involving aliens and hormones and the like. It was created by Pendleton Ward, who also created the hit animated show Adventure Time. Though the first three seasons aired as part of the Cartoon Hangover YouTube channel, the fourth season is exclusively on VRV.


Are you familiar with the show, or does the above clip make you interested in checking out Bravest Warriors on VRV? Let us know what you think in the comments!