Cartoon Network Teases New Looney Tunes ACME Fools Specials

ACME Fools is coming back to Cartoon Network and the channel is getting everyone excited. April 6 is bringing some brand-new Looney Tunes Cartoons to HBO Max. Meanwhile, ACME Fools is taking over the beloved programming blocks for the entire month with a cool web-based game. (You can try here!). Bugs Bunny Builders is getting some more residents, including classic sci-fi characters. There are all-day marathons of Looney Tunes Cartoons, New Looney Tunes, and Looney Tunes Show on April Fool's Day, April 1. So, there's tons of zany fun for all ages when they sit down for some of their favorite characters a month from now. Check out the newest promo from Bugs Bunny voice actor, Eric Bauza down below!

Bauza showed off a hysterical crossover between the Looney Tunes and The Wizard of Oz. With Warner Bros. Discovery celebrating their heritage this year for the 100th Anniversary, it's very fun to see all these strands crossing over!

He wrote on Twitter, "To help celebrate WB 100.. I voiced the Looney Tunes gang in a bunch of crazy mashups starting with THIS one.. #WizardOfOz  It's all a part of ACME Fools which will have more fun surprises leading up to the release of ALL NEW Looney Tunes Cartoons on HBO Max April 6th!!"

How Excited Is Warner Bros. Discover For the 100th Anniversary Celebration?

"One of the most important items here is that we believe in a combined product as opposed to a bundle... We believe that the breadth and depth of this content offering is going to be a phenomenal consumer value proposition," Discovery CFO Gunnar Wiedenfels told the press. "The question is, in order to get to that point and do it in a way that's actually a great user experience for our subscribers, that's going to take some time. Again, that's nothing that's going to happen in weeks -- hopefully not in years, but in several months -- and we will start working on an interim solution in the meantime." 

"So right out of the gate, we're working on getting the bundling approach ready, maybe a single sign-on, maybe ingesting content into the other product, etc., so that we can start to get some benefits early on," he added. "But the main thrust is going to be harmonizing the technology platform. Building one very, very strong combined direct-to-consumer product and platform, that's going to take a while."

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