Charmed: First Details Revealed on Season 2's New Characters

When Charmed returns this fall to The CW, there will be some significant changes. Not only did the [...]

When Charmed returns this fall to The CW, there will be some significant changes. Not only did the series close out its first season with some shifts that will take the character on a different path than its predecessor, the 1990s/2000 series of the same name, but Charmed will also have new showrunners in Liz Kruger and Craig Shapiro to guide it along that new path. Now, it sounds like the show will be getting some new characters as well.

According to TVLine, while Alastair Caine (Craig Parker) was vanquished by Macy (Madeleine Mantock) in "Red Rain", we haven't seen the last of his villainous children. Their report notes that Season 2 will see the introduction of Alastair's daughter who will come to town looking for revenge. This unnamed Caine daughter won't be alone when it comes to new faces in Hilltowne, either. A "sexually fluid witch named Kat, as well as a sexy boxing instructor named Jordan" will both be making their debut.

As noted previously. Charmed made some big shifts towards separating itself from its namesake series during its season finale. By the time the season ended all of the Elders had been killed, essentially wiping out the "power structure" within the magical world, leaving the Charmed Ones largely in charge and with a completely different dynamic.

It's an interesting choice to more or less cut dies with the original series in terms of references. While realistically there will likely still be some little nods here and there -- the reboot's "take" on the half-demon Cole, Parker, left with an open door for his return -- gives the series a chance truly do what it's promised since it was announced: tell stories of new witches in a new world. It may even open the door for additional types of magic, allowing the show to lean in more to the magical traditions of the sisters' Latinx heritage.

"We're new characters living in a world," Mantock said at San Diego Comic-Con last year. "It's a new set of witches who've discovered they have powers. I think it's maybe a misconception to say it's a rip-off. I saw somebody yesterday describe it as a tribute to [the original] and I thought that was quite nice."

Charmed will return this fall on a new night, Fridays at 8 p.m. on The CW.