Cobra Kai Renewed for Season 4 at Netflix

More Cobra Kai is on the way! Ever since arriving on Netflix at the end of August, Cobra Kai has been a pretty massive hit, proving itself as one of the most popular shows on any streaming service. The first two seasons of the Karate Kid sequel have been binged over and over again by fans, many of whom are looking forward seeing what Season 3 has in store next year. Fortunately for all of the Cobra Kai faithful, there is yet another season in store, as Netflix has handed a very early renewal to the show.

On Friday, Netflix announced that it had renewed Cobra Kai for a fourth season, adding to the episodes that it inherited from YouTube. This will take Cobra Kai through 2022, though it'll probably last even longer than that.

Cobra Kai began as a YouTube original series, but after two critically-acclaimed seasons, the streamer just couldn't muster a big enough audience. The decision was made to send Cobra Kai to Netflix, and it seems to be the right decision for the series to this point.

The third season of Cobra Kai will make its debut on Netflix on January 8th, 2021, though the episodes were filmed before Netflix even agreed to acquire the series from YouTube. That means Season 4 will be the first filmed entirely by Netflix.

Season 2 of Cobra Kai ended with multiple cliffhangers, one of which is addressed in the teaser video put out by Netflix. Miguel is seen waking up in the hospital after falling from the second floor of the school hallway during the big fight in the finale.

There is so much hanging in the balance heading into Season 3, and star William Zabka recently spoke to and shared a bit about what fans can expect from the new installment when it arrives.

"Well, nothing is as it seems, I can tell you that," Zabka told us. "Listen, for the character of Johnny, Ali, I've been saying this for the last two seasons, she's a big missing piece of his life. She's the love that got away and in some form would love to reconnect. But the show is full of surprises."

"Well, I could tell you this much. I mean, the end of Season 2 is a car wreck essentially. There's a lot of pieces to put back together," he continued. "There's a lot of healing that has to happen. There's a lot of growing that needs to happen. I've seen a lot of fan theories out there, and heard a lot of fan theories Nice tries. It's awesome. I mean, Season 3 is fireworks. And I think it's Season 1 and 2 combined on steroids. And it was a blast to shoot and it's gonna be worth the wait. It's hard. We were hoping it would be out before now too, but the world is what it is right now, and we're so happy to be at a great home like Netflix. And for our fans that have already seen the show to watch it and watch it again, and the new fans to come on board. There's a lot of work to get Season 3 ready. It's getting translated for 30 countries and all that stuff."


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The first two seasons of Cobra Kai are currently streaming on Netflix. Season 3 will debut on January 8, 2021.