Cobra Kai Producers Tease What's Next for Miguel in Season 5

Miguel Diaz is going to be flying solo in the next season of Cobra Kai, at least for a little while. In the Season 4 finale, Miguel leaves home to go find his biological father, whom he's never met, in order to get some more answers about who he is. This comes as a shock to everyone in his life, especially Johnny, who has been a father figure to him for some time. With Season 5 already in the can, spoke with the creative team behind the series about what's next for Miguel.

"One of the big themes of the Karate Kid franchise and certainly of Cobra Kai as well, is mentors and students, parents and children," co-creator Jon Hurwitz explained. "So when it comes to Miguel, we've been talking about his father from the very beginning of the series. It's something that has always been sort of in our minds, that we would explore where Miguel came from and who his father was at some point."

The father/son dynamic between Johnny and Miguel has grown stronger over the years. In Season 4, Johnny officially starts dating Miguel's mom and it seems like he wants to take a bigger role in his student's life. But Johnny's failures with Robby, his biological son, have always presented their own set of issues.

"Just as Miguel is sort of feeling late in the season that he and Johnny are the strongest footing they've ever had, the scene at the end of episode eight happens, where Johnny is drunk," Hurwitz added. "And it's reminiscent of Miyagi being drunk in Karate Kid. And Miguel comes in there and is taking care of him. And there's this loving sort of scene between the two of them, which ends with Johnny saying, 'I love you too, Robby.'"

That moment obviously changed Miguel's trajectory over the last couple of episodes of the season. Miguel first decides not to continue fighting in the tournament, choosing his health over a potential victory, and ultimately makes the decision to go find his father.

"We had things that we wanted to do with other characters, and we felt like it would be a powerful move for him to make a decision," Hurwitz said of the character's next steps. "Johnny tells him to be a man. And I think Miguel's interpretation of that is not going back on the mat, it's following what is in his heart and what is important for him to explore in his world. So in season five, you see that Miguel is out there, searching for his father. You've seen at the end of season four, that his father doesn't know that he exists. So you'll have to wait to find out what that journey is for Miguel going forward."

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