DC Universe Future in Limbo As HBO Max Prepares to Launch

DC Universe’s future is in limbo as HBO Max prepares to launch. WarnerMedia might end up having [...]

DC Universe's future is in limbo as HBO Max prepares to launch. WarnerMedia might end up having a bit of a pickle on their hands when it comes to the two services. Business Insider reports that HBO Max's developing major DC projects have been a source of confusion among observers. The company will have to figure out how to navigate both services offering overlapping content. Another common question comes back down to pricing between the two services. For example, if you're going to get all the perks of DC Universe while subscribing to HBO Max, what would be the point of juggling the membership to both services? That will be a question that continues to pop up as the streaming landscape morphs.

"No doubt AT&T is looking to use all of its assets, DC being a critical component, to make HBO Max a player in the competitive streaming landscape," Stephen Beck, the managing partner of consultancy group cg42 explained to the publication. Even with that said, he pointed out that WarnerMedia is not in "the business to create a suite of standalone offerings. They're in the business of creating a mega platform."

HBO Max launches on May 27 and it's a huge day for the company overall. The past few months have seen advertisements for the platform steadily increase. But, the biggest test is still ahead. The subscription runs at about $15/month. However, will consumers have some streaming fatigue after the launch of so many different offerings over the course of the last year and change? DC Universe itself hovers at $8/month and has gained a foothold with fans of the DC Comics brand. Titans, Harley Quinn, and that extensive back-catalog have been huge wins for the smaller service.

With HBO Max bringing a Green Lantern series, Strange Adventures and some Justice League Dark content, things are looking a bit strange for DCU. The coronavirus pandemic isn't helping matters much as viewers have to think carefully about which streaming services offer the most bang for their buck. Not everyone is made out of money and can afford 4-6 of these platforms. Disney+ has the advantage of a bundle containing Hulu and ESPN for the whole family. Netflix is the industry standard bearer as a known commodity. Anyone stepping into the fray at this point of the game better be sure to have a clear identity.

Since HBO Max's unveiling, whispers about DC Universe's shutdown have swirled. However, here we are with the show still rolling on. And if that weren't surprising enough, there's also evidence that the platform is as healthy as its ever been. Harley Quinn is still delighting fans, Stargirl is on the way, and Doom Patrol's second season is due out this year. However, until the official word gets out, fans will be left to wonder where it's all headed.

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