SDCC 2018: 'Deadly Class' Panel Recap

Host Dominic Patton kicks the panel off by introducing a message from executive producers Joe and Anthony Russo, who apologize for not making it, and thank the fans for making the show possible. The message from the Russos is followed by an exclusive sneak preview from the series. The footage shown covers the events of the first issue of the comic book, culminating in Marcus running from the police and ultimately joining Master Lin at King's Dominion. We see extended time with fan-favorite characters like Marcus, Master Lin, Says, Maria, Willie, and others.

The creators of the comic and TV show arrive on the stage, along with actors Benjamin Wadsworth, Lana Condor, Benedict Wong, Luke Tennie, and Maria Gabriela de Faria.

Rick Remender, who wrote the comic and serves as co-showrunner, is asked about his transition from the book to the screen. "Ultimately, the spine of it is the book, and that's what we're making." He promises that they won't be making drastic changes from the comic series.

The questions move to Ben Wadsworth, who stars as Marcus. Patton asks him what it's been like to capture Marcus on screen. "It's extremely nerve-racking, awesome. I like reading the comics a lot, that was it. We had everything we needed at our fingertips."

Everyone in the cast says that they were tearing up backstage as they watched the opening minutes at the beginning of the panel.

Benedict Wong, who is playing Master Lin, says that he was working on Avengers: Infinity War when Joe Russo offered him the part. "He just sent me this incredible script."

Maria Gabriela de Maria talks about playing Maria on the show and she tells fans in attendance that she hopes they will come to love the character as much as she does. Patton then jokes with Remender about creating a Spotify playlist to accompany the show each and every week.

Lana Condor calls the motorcycle scenes, "The thrill of a lifetime. I gotta say, I look badass on that motorcycle."

Luke Tennie says the first scene he got to read was Willie and Marcus talking about comics and that it reminded him of the writing in Training Day. "Then I got the whole script. I learned about all the layers. It excited me. Willie is a dichotomy. Just studying the comic and the source material and Rick and Wes make your job easy for you."


Patton addresses artist Wes Craig about seeing his art translated to the screen. "It's too crazy, man. I just want the actors to be able to put forward those personalities, and it just so happens that all of these dudes look like my drawings as well. It's a faithful way to bring it to life. It works perfectly for the TV show."

Patton tossed out to fan questions to end the panel.