Desus & Mero Ending at Showtime as Hosts Part Ways

Acclaimed late-night show Desus & Mero is officially coming to an end after four seasons. The series is ending due to a creative split between hosts Desus Nice and The Kid Mero. Several social media posts over the last few weeks had fans thinking that the duo would be going their separate ways, and things were made official by Showtime on Monday. There will be no more episodes of Desus & Mero.

The duo has hosted the Bodega Boys podcast since 2015, and have been working together on-screen since long before that. This split seemingly ends that partnership for the time being. The statements from Showtime and the official Desus & Mero Twitter account don't go into detail about the split itself, simply noting  that the duo will be "pursuing separate creative endeavors." Prior to the Showtime series ending, Bodega Boys hasn't released a new episode since November 2021.

"Desus Nice and The Kid Mero will be pursuing separate creative endeavors moving forward. Showtime's late-night talk show Desus & Mero will not be returning for a fifth season," a spokesperson from Showtime said in a statement.

The tweet from the Desus & Mero account shares a similar message, though it ends with the words, "It's been a good run, fam." Nice quoted that tweet with his own message soon after the news broke on Monday afternoon. 

"Shouts to Showtime & shouts to the hive, thanks for being a part of the journey," he wrote in the tweet. "Proud of the show my staff made every episode. Big tings soon come..."

Several strange interactions on social media from both Mero and Nice had fans thinking the partnership was ending. In one tweet, Nice replied to a fan to say that "the hive deserved better than this ending," teasing that the "truth" about the situation would eventually be revealed. Neither comedian has shared any concrete details about the split to this point.