You Could Earn $1,000 for Binge-Watching Disney+

Disney+ made some major waves on social media with the company listing out every single property making its way to the service. That is a ton of content and one site wants to give you $1000 to start your journey through that massive catalog. posted a call for a Disney fan to watch 30 of your favorite Disney movies or shows in 30 days. That is not all, the site is also hooking the lucky winner up with a Disney+ account and a care package full of goodies to begin this massive binging session in earnest. The entire thing is something that most people psyched for the service were planning to do already, so that money is just an extra push to revisit all of your favorites in that first month.

The requirements as laid out by the site are: 1) You are 18 or older, 2) You are a US citizen or permanent resident, and 3) You must be swift as a coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon. (Good to see they are keeping things light!) There is also a small application to complete with contact information, favorite Disney movie, a movie review of that movie, and a short answer to a prompt about what makes you most qualified to take on this Disney+ job. That is a lot of information but that sweet grand and the other prizes will probably help soften the blow a bit. Especially that whole year of Disney streaming courtesy of the site.

That 600+ tweet thread by the Disney+ Twitter account was the talk of the Internet earlier this week. So many movies, both well known and relatively obscure are heading to the service. People were not prepared for the sheer volume that was being advertised. There are all periods of Disney represented along with the assorted offerings of all the companies that fall under the umbrella. Still, even with that deluge of content, there are some that are wondering where their favorites are. Mighty Ducks fans are going to have to wait for the movies to make the leap, while the cartoon will be available right away. Disney Channel Original Movie fans were very upset to see Sky High omitted in the beginning as well.


Streaming services will always have those ready and willing to pounce whenever things become unavailable or don’t get released in a timely manner. The company will have to keep an eye out for that as it goes along. People are still just figuring out that all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are not going to be available from the rip. But, at least you can focus on some other offerings while you count your $1000 in that contest.

In addition to all that other content, Disney+ will also have Star Wars television series, including Star Wars: The Mandalorian on day one. Other upcoming Star Wars shows include one starring Ewan MacGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi and a prequel to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

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