Doom Patrol's Joivan Wade Really Wants Cyborg to Crossover With Titans' Beast Boy

Cyborg may be known to most fans for his roles in the Justice League and Teen Titans, but the version of the character we're currently getting on-screen actually spends his days with the Doom Patrol. When DC Universe announced that there would be a live-action Cyborg coming to its universe, many were surprised to learn that he'd be a series regular on Doom Patrol, rather than on Titans. Joivan Wade, who plays DC's Vic Stone, is glad he gets the chance to explore a side of the hero that many iterations have overlooked. That said, there is one element of the Teen Titans that Wade wishes he could see on-screen, and that's the relationship between Cyborg and Beast Boy.

In the comics, as well as on animated shows like Teen Titans, Beast Boy and Cyborg are portrayed as best friends. Beast Boy is a main character on Titans, so he exists in the same universe as Doom Patrol's Cyborg, but they haven't had the chance to interact. Wade really hopes to see that change in the near future.

"Even down to how wacky this world is, and which presents characters, like Mr. Nobody, who gives Vic things to think about and opens that can of worms, would have never been the case if he was a part of the Titans. Saying that, I am a huge comic book fan, and Teen Titans fan, and I would love to see Vic be a part of that world also and just kind of get that relationship with Beast Boy," Wade told "I think as a fan, one of my biggest things is seeing that relationship between Vic and Gar in the comics and the TV show is having now an opportunity with live action where we do have these characters exist and for us to get to see a live version of that is a big dream of mine.

"I do pray that at the right time, whenever the powers that be believe that it should happen, hopefully it does, so fingers crossed. There are opportunities and there have been discussions about it. It's just waiting for the right time and waiting for the powers that be to press the buttons on it. Ryan [Potter], who plays Gar in Titans, he's a really good friend of mine. He was with me on Friday night, he went, 'Are you celebrating season two?' this last week, and just talking about wanting to see these two characters come together. They even drew reference to that in the takeover that I did on Twitter under the Doom Patrol account during the week. Yeah, I hope it happens, man. I'm in the fancy when it comes to that one. I share the same as you guys."

The Doom Patrol featured in the TV series first appeared on an episode of Titans during the show's first season, so there is absolutely a chance for the characters of the two projects to cross over. Hopefully one will find their way to the other sooner, rather than later.


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