Drake Bell Reveals That the 'Drake & Josh' House Is Gone

The house that Drake & Josh called home for four years is officially no more, and star Drake Bell is devastated.

On Saturday, Bell went by the house in Encino, California, which served as the exterior for the home of Drake & Josh on the show. After learning that the house was gone, he took to Twitter to immediately share the news.

"The Drake & Josh House is GONE," Bell wrote in the tweet, which was accompanied by a video where he said, "What's up, everybody? I cam to check out the Drake & Josh house and it is gone! All that remains is this mailbox."

In the video, Bell shows off the property where the house once stood, and it's surrounded by a green fence. There's nothing inside the fence but an empty lot.

The brick mailbox still sits out in front of the lot, but that's the only part of the property still intact.

There had been questions surrounding the future of the house last year, when it was reported that it gone up for sale, priced at $1.85 million. In February, Zillow had revealed that the house had been sold.

Back in May, Bell went by the house and told his followers that something was fishy was going on. He noticed that the green fence had gone up around the structure.


Sadly, it seems as though the Drake & Josh house is gone for good. Well, at least the outside of it.

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