Eddie Murphy Teases Gumby and Buckwheat Return on Saturday Night Live

This Saturday night, a legend returns to the stage that launched his career. Eddie Murphy is set to host Saturday Night Live this week, along with musical guest Lizzo. This will be the first time that Murphy has been a host of Saturday Night Live since leaving the show in the early 1980s. Fans have been over-the-moon excited to see what Murphy has in store for his SNL comeback, and he's teasing the appearance of a few of his most popular characters.

Nearly every single character that Murphy did on SNL became a hit, but some had a longer-lasting impact than others. Ahead of Murphy's hosting debut this weekend, he spoke with Today's Al Roker about what to expect from his SNL return. At one point in the interview, Murphy confirmed that two of his most popular characters, Gumby and Buckwheat, were being discussed for the new episode.

"We're talking about a Gumby thing. And we're talking about a Buckwheat thing," Murphy confirmed. "And we're talking about a Bill Cosby thing, maybe. It'd be very funny. I don't know if would think it was funny, but it would be very funny."

When Roker asked Murphy about Mister Robinson, his iconic spoof on Mister Rogers, the comedian said that there were discussions about bringing that character back as well. It sounds like each and every one of Murphy's popular characters is on the table for Saturday's episode, as long as the writing team can find a funny way to do it.

"Mister Robinson, if we can come up with Mister Robinson," he continued. "Or Velvet Jones. I'm down for whatever as long as it's really, really funny."


No matter what characters are brought back by Murphy this weekend, audiences are going to be excited to see them. Murphy remains one of the funniest cast members in SNL history and anything he does on stage will be a welcomed sight.