Emmys Announce Wrong Winner In Voiceover Blunder

The Emmys feature a bit of a mix-up as the winner for guest actor got announced wrong. Everyone remembers that Oscars moment with Moonlight and La La Land, and now television seems to have a similar live incident. Jason Bateman got the nod on the telecast and then a voice-over indicated that Ron Cephas Jones was the real winner. So, then after a card indicated that they were having technical difficulties, Jones gave his speech for his work on This Is Us. This occurred during Saturday’s Creative Arts Emmys before tonight’s big ceremony. The slate on-screen read, “Our apologies, an incorrect winner has been announced. We’re fixing it now. Please don’t go away.”

Luckily for Moonlight, the increased attention from that embarrassing moment actually led to more exposure for everyone involved. Director Barry Jenkins actually got asked by Variety if Marvel approached him about a film after the film brought home all those awards.

“I don’t think Marvel watches Moonlight and goes, ‘Let’s do that!’” Jenkins said. “I wasn’t offered big Marvel movies or anything like that, but I was offered: What do you want to do? It was presented to me in a very clear way; you can do more or less whatever you want. And what I wanted to do was finish the cycle of Moonlight and [If Beale Street Could Talk].”

That sort of creator influence has become a focus for Marvel moving forward. However, at the moment a lot of fans just want to know more about what’s coming next. The Emmys are being held remotely because of the coronavirus pandemic. So many projects have been outright delayed or even canceled because of that situation. Black Widow and all the Disney+ shows have been sent into an uncertain space because of the entertainment landscape. Hopefully, the end of the year can bring some more consistency with the offerings on TV and the big screen.