First Stranger Things Season 3 Clip Released

The first clip from Netflix's Stranger Things Season 3 explores summertime in Hawkins, Indiana.

The poolside clip sees mature women ready themselves for the arrival of lifeguard Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery), who harshly threatens a running swimmer with a lifetime ban. With the blow of his whistle, he halts The Cars' "Moving In Stereo."

When the swimmer is properly shamed, the whistle blows a second time and the festivities continue. There Billy catches the eye of Mrs. Wheeler (Cara Buono), mother to Mike (Finn Wolfhard) and Nancy (Natalia Dyer).

"I think [show creators] the Duffers have such a good nose for the combination of fun and scary, so what is a better setting for that dialectic more than summer?" director and executive producer Shawn Levy told Glamour of the coming third season.

"It's parades and the local swimming pool and maybe Billy without a shirt and bonfires and Fourth of July fireworks, so I can tell you that season three makes the most of that summer setting."

He added, "It's also a season of change, and changing the season, changing the vibe of that town, which summer does, right? That place feels different in summer, so that was a big part of our theme, which is change has come."

Moving away from fall to the sun-soaked summer 1985 is a reaction, in part, to accommodate the growing-up of Stranger Things' teenaged stars.


"We have told autumnal, fall, school-based stories, but we also want to keep acknowledging that the kids are growing up, so if we picked up the action a month later, but the kids looked a year plus older, that would feel like a lie," Levy said. "So the Harry Potter model of letting the show age with the kids is what we're adopting."

Stranger Things Season 3 premieres July 4 on Netflix.