Funko's New 'South Park' Pops Include Wish List Characters


It's been over a year since Funko announced the second wave of South Park Pop figures, which is a bit frustrating given the fact that there are so many fan favorite characters that have yet to be included in this line. That having been said, Funko has finally announced wave 3, and it definitely checks some of the wish list boxes - but we're still a long way away from what many would consider a satisfying collection.

The entire wave of new South Park Pop figures will be available to pre-order via the links below with shipping slated for December. The addition of a standard Kenny, Randy Marsh, Chef, Officer Cartman, and Mr. Hankey fill in some of the biggest gaps in the lineup, but the addition of superhero characters Human Kite and Toolshed are certainly welcome.

South Park Kenny Pop! Vinyl Figure #16
South Park Randy Marsh Pop! Vinyl Figure #22
South Park Chef Pop! Vinyl Figure #15
South Park Cartman Officer Pop! Vinyl Figure #17
South Park Toolshed Pop! Vinyl Figure #20
South Park Human Kite Pop! Vinyl Figure #19
South Park Mr. Hankey Pop! Vinyl Figure #21

As far as exclusives are concerned, Mr. Garrison (another must-have) is earmarked for the Specialty Series.


On a related note, the Previews Exclusive Batman Who Laughs Pop figure from the DC Comics event Dark Nights: Metal is up for pre-order right here with shipping slated for February. A sell out is inevitable on this one, so don't wait too long to snatch it up.

In the comics, the Jokerized Batman Who Laughs is the leader of the Dark Knights - a collection of evil versions of Batman that are tasked with spreading darkness throughout the Multiverse by their master Barbatos.

The Batman Who Laughs is undeniably badass, which makes this Pop figure appealing to begin with, but the fact that it's a Previews Exclusive makes it extra collectible. PX Pop figures are reserved for comic books stores and select specialty shops in limited quantities. Entertainment Earth happens to be one of those speciality shops, so take advantage of this opportunity while you can. Odds are this is your best chance to add the Batman Who Laughs Pop figure to your collection without paying a huge markup.


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