'Game of Thrones': Bran Stark Meets Jaime Lannister for the First Time Since the First Episode

Ever since the first episode of Game of Thrones premiered on HBO TV back in 2011, fans have been [...]

Ever since the first episode of Game of Thrones premiered on HBO TV back in 2011, fans have been waiting for Jaime Lannister to have to answer for his crime when he shoved the young Bran Stark out of a window, paralyzing the child for life. And now that he's arrived in Winterfell, where Bran again resides as the all-seeing Three-Eyed Raven, it seemed like it would finally happen.

The two had an epic confrontation in the second episode of Game of Thrones' final season, but it didn't go as we might have thought. Bran repeated the same phrase Jaime said when he pushed him — "The things we do for love" — but kept quiet about the window, and Brienne of Tarth vouched for Jaime, and the Kingslayer was allowed to remain in Winterfell to fight in the battle against the Army of the Dead.

Jaime and Bran shared a moment together, and Jaime wondered why Bran didn't say anything. The Warg explains to Jaime that he is not mad at him for paralyzing him, which is just another example of how different Bran has become since becoming the Three-Eyed Raven. Bran understands the role Jaime must play in the war against the Night King, and thinks he'll make a valuable warrior in the fight.

Jaime actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau spoke previously with EW about the Kingslayer's arrival in Winterfell, explaining his thought process when he saw Bran.

"First of all, I don't think wheelchairs are a normal thing in Westeros," Coster-Waldau said. "I think it's like: 'What the hell?' and then, 'Oh my god, that's the kid.' I think he knows Bran didn't die, but he doesn't expect to meet him."

Bran's reaction is a surprise, considering what Jaime thought would happen. But the actor added that he knew he was in trouble once he arrived.

"His mission changes once again," Coster-Waldau explained. "It goes from: 'I know my brother Tyrion is there and I'm going to fight the good fight' to 'I'm in deep sh– now.' Because this is the Lord of Winterfell that I tried to kill and I'm sure he wants revenge. That's what Jaime expects."

We'll see what role the Kingslayer plays in the wars to come as the final season of Game of Thrones continues on HBO.


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