Game of Thrones Prequel Pilot Has Reportedly Finished Filming

It sounds like we're one step closer to more Game of Thrones arriving on television. During an appearance at the Television Critics Association press tour (via The AV Club), HBO programming president Casey Bloys revealed that the pilot for the currently-untitled Thrones prequel has just finished filming.

"Shooting has wrapped." Bloys revealed, adding that it "looks really good" and that the "cast is amazing".

This comes after several weeks of behind-the-scenes updates surrounding the pilot, which is set to cover a completely different side of Westerosi history.

“We talk about the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros; there were Seven Kingdoms at the time of Aegon’s Conquest,” franchise creator George R.R. Martin explained earlier this month. “But if you go back further then there are nine kingdoms, and 12 kingdoms, and eventually you get back to where there are a hundred kingdoms — petty kingdoms — and that’s the era we’re talking about here.”

The prequel will be set thousands of years before the events of Game of Thrones, with a cast that includes Naomi Watts, Josh Whitehouse, Miranda Richardson, Jamie Campbell Bower, Toby Regbo, Georgie Henley, Alex Sharp, Naomi Ackie, Marquis Rodriguez, John Simms, Richard McCabe, John Heffernan, and Dixie Egerickx.

"It's a great world and great IP. We're going to do the pilot, see how it goes," Bloys said back in February. "Is it possible we do another one? Maybe. But I don't want HBO to become a network that airs just Game of Thrones or Game of Thrones prequels. It should be said that Game of Thrones has been an incredible show for us but what we're doing is a much more diversified slate so that we're not in a position that we have to get the Game of Thrones franchise up and running or the lights are going out at HBO. That is not the situation and it never has been.


"We're not going all-in Game of Thrones all the time. I do think it would be crazy not to try the prequel and to see what else is out there because George R.R. Martin has created this incredible universe and there's a lot of different places you can go. But we want to be careful not to overdo it."

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