'Game Of Thrones' Final Season Footage Reveals a Season 1 Reunion

Game of Thrones began by scattering House Stark across Westeros. Ned Stark took his daughters to King’s Landing while Jon Snow took the black and the rest stayed behind at Winterfell. Since then, through the War of the Five Kings and more, the family has drifted further and further apart. As the story of Game of Thrones winds down, the Starks are returning home. Sansa Stark already reunited with sister Arya and brother Bran. Prior to that, she was joined by Jon Snow. Jon left Winterfell to pursue an alliance with Daenerys Targaryen before his other siblings arrived home. New footage from Game of Thrones’ final season reveals a powerful reunion in the making.

Footage revealed on HBO on Sunday night shows Jon Snow sharing a scene with Arya Stark. The two are outside in the snow, with Jon in the foreground an Arya behind him.

This is the first time that the two have shared a scene since the first season of Game of Thrones. Take a look below:

Jon and Arya had a special relationship growing up at Winterfell. Jon was believed to be Ned Stark’s bastard, and Ned’s wife, Catelyn, never accepted him the way Ned hoped she would. Arya was ever rebellious. They both had more of their father in them and the shared a close bond.

Before Arya and Jon departed Winterfell -- Arya for King’s Landing and Jon for the Wall -- Jon gave Arya a goodbye present. It was a thin sword that Arya named Needle. She’s carried that sword with her through her journies across Westeros, to Braavos, and back. It was the one thing she refused to throw away during her time at the House of Black and White. Now she’s a trained assassin who claimed vengeance on the likes of Walder Frey for betraying House Stark. Her reunion with Jon comes with much anticipation from fans.

Whether she accepts Jon’s new love, Daenerys, remains to be seen. Jon gave up Winterfell’s autonomy to enlist the Mother of Dragons’ aid in fighting the Night King’s White Walkers and his undead army. He didn’t consult with Sansa or anyone else before making that choice. How they take to the idea remains to be seen.

Are you excited to see Arya Stark and Jon Snow together again? Let us know what you think in the comments. Game of Thrones returns to HBO for its final season on April 14th.



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