Game of Thrones: Emilia Clarke Reacts to Petition to Redo Season 8

Game of Thrones ended its eight-season run on HBO with last night’s finale episode “The Iron [...]

Game of Thrones ended its eight-season run on HBO with last night's finale episode "The Iron Throne." Even before the finale's debut, over 1 million fans signed an online petition to see the final season remade with a new team of writers. Much of that frustration from fans came from the treatment of Emilia Clarke's character, Daenerys Targaryen. Now Clarke has offered her own response to the petition.

Dany arrived in King's Landing and went mad, burning the city and its citizens from the back of her dragon. Fans were not pleased with her villainous turn, and many weren't happy with her ending in the finale either. Clarke admits that there are some things she would have changed about the show's final season.

"Oh, my goodness," Clarke said during an interview with The New Yorker. "Well, I can only speak to my own character, and the people that I interact with on the show. But I would've loved some more scenes with me and Missandei. I would've loved some more scenes with me and Cersei.

"I would've loved some more scenes between Grey Worm and Missandei. I would've loved to see a bit more between Cersei . . . I feel like there was . . . The genocide was there. That was always going to happen. And I just think more dissection and those beautifully written scenes that the boys have between characters—that we are more than happy to contently sit there and watch ten minutes of two people talking, because it's beautiful. I just wanted to see a bit more of that. But I'm in no position to critique the geniuses that have written eight seasons' worth of wonderful stuff."

Clarke's co-star Kit Harington said in another interview that he thinks fans are in denial over how Dany's arc ended. "I think it's going to divide," Harington said of the finale. "But if you track her story all the way back, she does some terrible things. She crucifies people. She burns people alive. This has been building. So, we have to say to the audience: 'You're in denial about this woman as well. You knew something was wrong. You're culpable, you cheered her on.'"

What did you think of the Game of Thrones finale? Were you happy with how Dany's arc ended in these final episodes? What would you have changed about this season? Let us know what you think about it in the comments.