Meet Richie Rich in This Exclusive Harvey Girls Forever! Clip

Harvey Girls Forever has been delighting audiences for the past year, bringing an endearing animated take on the iconic characters from Harvey Comics. The DreamWorks Animation series is headed for its third season later this week, and those new episodes will properly introduce arguably the most well-known character from the Harvey catalogue -- Richie Rich (The Boys star Jack Quaid). Fans have been eager to see how Richie would factor into the series since the Season 2 cliffhanger, and now fans can get an early look at that. Just in time for Season 3's debut, has an exclusive clip from Harvey Girls Forever.

"I've always been such a fan of cartoons, just like from when I was a kid to now," Quaid told in an exclusive interview. "I mean, you know, people make cartoons for adults, for kids, for everybody, and I've always been such a cartoon nerd. I was doing some auditions, and then Richie came along, and at first, I was like, 'Oh Richie Rich, how are they going to modernize this?' Because this character could be given the wrong interpretation. In this modern-day and age, in a lot of ways, he's a symbol of privilege and inheriting money and flaunting your wealth."

"But I just love what they did with them," Quaid continued. "First of all, the made him a self-made billionaire, which I think is amazing. And the fact that he's just a genuinely curious kid who missed out on childhood because he's a genius, and he wants to learn how to be a kid in the most clinical, positive way possible. I just thought that was such an adorable, amazing take on a classic character. The fact that I get to play a character who was created in, I believe, the '40's. That's just very, very cool and it's an honor. I'm very excited about it."

Joining Quaid on the series are Lauren Lapkus (Between Two Ferns: The Movie, Comedy Bang Bang!) as Lotta, Stephanie Lemelin (Young Justice, Dawn of the Croods) as Audrey, Kelly McCreary (Grey's Anatomy, Station 19) as Dot, Atticus Saffer (The Middle, The Lion Guard) as Melvin, and Danny Pudi (Community, Powerless) as Tiny.

Season 3 of Harvey Girls Forever will debut on Netflix on November 12th. Check back later today for our full interview with Jack Quaid.