HBO Max Cancels Hit Series After Two Seasons

HBO Max is calling it quits with FBoy Island. On Monday, a report from Variety revealed that the fan-favorite reality series has been cancelled after two seasons. The series, which was hosted by comedian Nikki Glaser, followed three women as they chose a potential boyfriend from a pool of 24 men by trying to identify which contestants were "f-boys," who were there only to have a good time, and which were "nice guys" genuinely searching for love. The series first premiered in July of 2021.

"I will do FBoy Island for the rest of my life," Glaser previously told Newsweek when asked about future seasons. "It is the best job I have ever had, and I have had a lot of good jobs. It's just living on an island, getting to watch a reality show from the sidelines, and not having the stresses of being on it. My whole day is just hanging out at a beach waiting for their date to be over so I can come in and go, 'how was your date?' I mean, it's the dream job, I don't have to do anything."

Why is HBO Max cancelling so many shows?

FBoy Island's cancellation comes amid a string of new behind-the-scenes changes at HBO Max, following the recent merger of its new parent company, Warner Bros. Discovery. These patterns began with the cancellation of Batgirl and Scoob!: Holiday Haunt back in August. Both films, which were already completed and were set to debut on HBO Max, were later reported to be canned for the sake of tax write-downswhich will seemingly be recorded in Q3 of 2022. In the days since, Warner Bros. Discovery removed six HBO Max-exclusive movies from their streaming platform, as well as a number of fan-favorite animated series. Anonymous sources alleged in August of this year that no existing show is safe from potentially being cancelled or written off, with Warner Bros. Discovery now making decisions on a case-by-case basis.

"Looking at the wide breadth of all the shows that were taken off of the service, it's hard to even see a throughline between them," OK K.O.: Let's Be Heroes! creator Ian Jones-Quartey said in an interview last month. "We're still just not sure why some things were taken off and other things weren't. The whole thing is just very confusing, and there hasn't been much outreach to anybody."  

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