Hilary Duff Reveals New Lizzie McGuire Revival Details

One of the more anticipated projects hitting Disney's new streaming service Disney+ is the Lizzie McGuire revival, and it will feature the return of original series star Hilary Duff. Fans are excited to see her and the rest of the cast return once more, and recently Duff gave a few more details regarding the revival and where Lizzie is in her life when the series starts (via EW), and one of the biggest themes will be seeing how she deals with turning 30.

"Lizzie is turning 30, and for me, you know she was everybody's best friend, and she was there for such pivotal moments in their pre-teen life, and entering your 30s is an extremely big deal and I think it's just the right time for her to step back in and to have her go along with you in your 30s," Duff said. "All of the fun times and all of the big monumental moments and all of the challenges you are faced with. I just thought that there was such opportunity there for her to be grown up and for her to be there for women again."

We'll also see Lizzie at a new point in her work career, though it might not be what you expect.

"Her career at the start of the show is an apprentice to a fancy New York decorator," Duff said. "You know we toyed around with her being like a fashion designer because obviously that was a big part of the show and I'm like 'I think that's too obvious you know', so she has a few really cool quirks and her job is really cool but she still hasn't totally found her way and that's going to be a part of the journey."

You can watch the full clip in the video above.

"#LizzieMcGuire is in her thirties and thriving! Though Hilary Duff confesses she was a little nervous about trying to find Lizzie's energy again."

The show also adds another original project with a built-in fanbase to the new streaming service, and Disney couldn't be more thrilled.

"We are incredibly excited to bring back one of the most popular Disney Channel series of all time along with some beloved and familiar faces," Ricky Strauss, President of Content & Marketing for Disney+ said in a statement when the family's casting was first announced. "With [original series creator Terri Minsky] at the helm and Hilary, Hallie, Robert, and Jake back after all these years, it's our honor to welcome the McGuire family into the Disney+ family."


"Just like there is no Lizzie McGuire without Hilary Duff, there is no McGuire family without Hallie, Robert, and Jake," Gary Marsh, President and Chief Creative Officer of Disney Channels Worldwide, continued. "The original series holds a special place in the hearts of so many, and we can't wait to introduce fans, both old and new, to an older, wiser, yet still perfectly imperfect Lizzie."

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