Infinity Train Season 4 Reveals First Trailer

Infinity Train just dropped the first big trailer for Season 4 and fans are absolutely amped up [...]

Infinity Train just dropped the first big trailer for Season 4 and fans are absolutely amped up for it. This season seems primed to focus on two childhood friends who may be growing apart. Ryan and Min-Gi had the same dream to be rock stars together, but something is amiss and you can bet the titular locomotive will have something to do with them resolving their feelings. Last Book ended with the first recorded instance of a passenger not making it through the perilous journey. But, it remains to be seen what characters might make an appearance in Book 4. All the more worrying is the word that has come down about this being the final season of the show. All of that is despite Infinity Train being a smash performer on HBO Max since the first days of the platform.

Owen Dennis, the creator of Infinity Train spoke about the final upcoming season on Twitter. Fans are understandably disappointed, but hey, maybe there could be another one down the road.

"While this wasn't the intended final season of #infinitytrain, it is a self contained story, and will add to the history and lore of the show like each season before it has. Everyone worked super hard on it, and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out," Dennis wrote. "Each season of Infinity Train has been a very different experience and tone than the one that came before it. We went into this one with the intent of trying a slightly different direction with the show, and I think it will come as a pleasant surprise to most fans."

He continued, "Production stopped last December. Maybe someday we'll be able to make more, I don't know, but for the foreseeable future, this is going to be the last season and I hope you all have a good time watching it. Continue to support it however you can!"

"I'm so thankful to the crew of Infinity Train for helping make it what it became and to the fans for their incredible support over the years," Dennis said in a statement. "While Book 4 is the end of the line, I'll always be grateful and never forget that this series has meant so much to so many people."

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