HBO Max’s Key to Success Is Investing In Originals and It Should Start With Renewing Infinity Train

HBO Max’s key to success is investing in original programming and supercharging their efforts [...]

HBO Max's key to success is investing in original programming and supercharging their efforts should begin with Infinity Train. Now, what does a strange show for children have to do with WarnerMedia's bid to take over the streaming content space? Well, a lot it turns out because Owen Dennis' creation is the fifth most-streamed HBO Max original on the platform. A tweet from Kevin Williams of The Roundtable pointed out this fact and fans of Infinity Train want answers. Dennis has always been very forthright when talking about the prospects of the show being renewed for Season 4. It always hinged on viewership for the show being there. Well, these numbers would indicate that the viewers are there and they want more Infinity Train. HBO just needs to follow that model and everything will be fine.

Over at the other streaming giants they might not have the glut of original content, but they absolutely subscribe to the ethos of "play the hits." Remember when Netflix was a much smaller outfit, you better believe they ran that Orange is the New Black playbook like clockwork. Disney came right out of the gate with The Mandalorian and now it's the most beloved piece of Star Wars since the new trilogy. Neither project wasted any time getting that stamp of approval for Season 2. So, what's up with WarnerMedia's approach? Some of these shows are definitely going to run it back. Close Enough is on that list and J.G. Quintel's animated romp has already has a second season confirmed.

Part of the beef with Infinity Train might be the subject matter or something of the sort. But, clearly, the love for the show isn't in short supply. There are plenty of challenging shows on that HBO Max roster and the company has the bonus of not having to keep things quite so all-audiences friendly as something over at Disney. So, the viewers are telling you what they want and need. You have the literal metrics at your disposal, so you take those views into account with social media campaigns like #RenewInfinityTrain and go from there. (Yes, Anne With An E fans, I see you and hear you. S/o to the Tuca and Bertie fans who found their way back after that befuddling situation as well.)

So, to recap, when you have original content that already has an audience, go ahead and indulge them as long as the audience is there. (I'm crossing my fingers that Dog House UK somehow gets renewed here.) Also, don't be afraid to take a chance on something that doesn't look like a surefire hit right off the bat. Would anyone in 2018 have said that Watchmen and Lovecraft Country would be the biggest things for the network? Probably not, but here we are. The path to bigger wins are there, and they start with getting Infinity Train and shows like it renewed.

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