Infinity Train: HBO Max Releases Mysterious Book 4 Teaser Trailer

Infinity Train Book 4 is on the way, and HBO Max released a mysterious trailer as part of the rollout. The new protagonist sounds very confused in the short clip, but that’s pretty normal for a main character on this strange train. Fans are probably going to be pretty alarmed to discover that Hazel and Amelia, featured in Book 3, aren’t the main characters for the follow-up. However, many are probably excited about the prospect of going into a season completely blind. When it comes to Infinity Train, the fanbase at large is just happy that they’re getting a fourth book at all. Over the course of the last year, people on social media have been calling for Warner Media to announce the show’s renewal. Luckily for them, Cartoon Network and HBO Max heard those cries and decided to start up the train for another wild trip.

The show’s creator Owen Dennis had to explain to fans why he couldn’t announce the big reveal on his social media. It’s an interesting bit of insight into how the process for announcements go down.

“I’ve seen some confusion on this, the reason I never say if #infinitytrain is renewed or not is because I'm not allowed to,” Dennis explained. “The people that paid to make the show want to make the announcement with the biggest splash they can, not have it be an answer to some random twitter ask.”

Check out HBO Max’s official synopsis for Season 3 so you can get caught up:


“In Book 3, Grace and Simon are the leaders of the Apex, an anarchic group of kids on a mysterious train. During one of their destructive missions, Grace and Simon get separated from the rest of the Apex and must find their way back. As the duo navigate through the myriad worlds of the train, they meet Hazel, an optimistic young girl, and Tuba, her gentle gorilla companion. Will Grace and Simon find new inspiration in Hazel’s innocence, or will the ways of the Apex recruit yet another aboard the train?”

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