Kevin Smith Reveals His Secret Project Is a Series Not a Movie

Kevin Smith is a man of many projects. From movies to directing an episode of The CW's Supergirl to even a couple of mystery projects, Smith has no shortage of work. Now, he's giving fans a little more information about one of those mystery projects — and it's not a movie.

In a post on Twitter back in July, Smith marked the completion of what he described as a "huge writing gig" that he hadn't previously disclosed publicly. At the time, he noted that the project would be the "most massive IP" he's ever played with. He disclosed nothing else at that time, but on a recent episode of his podcast Fatman on Batman, he did disclose that it's a television series, not a movie.

"I know I'm being vague, I wish I could f*cking tell you and the moment I can tell you, man, I'm going to be like 'blaaaaa!' and you're going to be like 'what the f*ck!' but it's not a movie," Smith said. "I've had a lot of people be like 'oh, it's a f*cking Marvel movie!' Nobody would give me a movie. Nobody would give me a movie whatsoever. I'm struggling to make Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. This is a series thing, but it's a f*cking dynamite series in a real weird, wonderful place. So, more as I know more."

The revelation that the mystery project isn't a movie takes quite a few fan guesses off the table, such as the aforementioned Marvel guess as well as guesses that he's involved with a Star Wars movie or a DC film. However, it may ramp up some other guesses, such as the possibility that Smith is involved in a Netflix series, something he previously discussed pitching back in January and was vague on the details at that time, too.

It also appears that this mystery television project is separate from the television project that he mentioned last month on his podcast. In that episode, he noted that he was working on something television-related that would see him not as a director or writer, but as a showrunner instead. At the time Smith talked about the differences between directing and serving as showrunner.

"I'm working on a different thing now that, I'm in a different end of the process, if everything works out well, then I would be a showrunner, which lends more toward what I'm used to doing in the day job as a movie maker and stuff. And we'll see if it keeps going forward," Smith pointed out.

If both projects — the mystery series he'd be a showrunner for and this secret project he's writing — do go through, it will certainly keep Smith very busy. Smith suffered a heart attack earlier this year and, while this might slow some people down it's clearly only pushed him to work harder, something he noted last month.

"I'm spinning a lot of plates post heart attack," Smith said. "I just need one of them to go, man. I'll let you know as soon as it gets close. It'll be cool if it goes though. I'll find out what it's like to be a showrunner."

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