Legends of Tomorrow Considered Keeping Both Versions of Zari

Season Five of DC's Legends of Tomorrow saw some major changes to the time travelling hero team, even from the outset. Thanks to the reality-changing events of the Season Four finale, Zari as fans had gotten to know and love disappeared, her place on the team taken by her brother, Behrad (Shayan Siobhan), who was now alive thanks to the change in the timeline. That shift meant that there was a different version of Zari in the world as well and while Zari 2.0 was vastly different from her 1.0 counterpart, she soon became a fan favorite as well. Ultimately, the series could have only one Zari, but it turns out that Legends actually did consider keeping them both.

During the second part of DC FanDome earlier this month, the cast spoke a bit about how Zari actress Tala Ashe would have to switch between versions of Zari in episodes where both versions of the character appeared, something that was an impressive feat, but also took a toll on everyone involved. And, according to showrunner Phil Klemmer, while the show did end up sticking with just Zari 2.0, there was some talk of having two Zaris.

"There was a moment in the room where we were discussing like, should we just keep them both forever?" Klemmer said. "Do you remember, and then we were really having these discussions and you're like, 'we're gonna kill the crew'."

Ashe herself chimed in, noting that while she was ready to be both Zari's, she certainly was mindful of the cast and crew.

"I am ready but, yes, I don't want the crew, or any of you to hate me," Ashe said.

With Zari 2.0 around seemingly for good, the series will be able to more explore the sibling dynamic between Zari and Behrad going forward.


"Zari 2.0, for the last two years, has been running her giant media empire and personal brand like a Kardashian, while her brother's been running around secretly saving the world," Klemmer shared in Entertainment Weekly earlier this year. "The cruel irony is that all Zari 1.0 wanted was for her brother not to die and her parents not to die and her future to not be this terrible, intolerant place, and she succeeded at all those things, but despite all of the things she fixed, their relationship isn't as great as it is between many siblings. She was like a child star, effectively, and Behrad had to live under her shadow."

DC's Legends of Tomorrow is set to return in 2021 on The CW.