Lizzie McGuire Sequel Coming To Disney Plus

One of Disney's biggest hits is making a comeback, and fans of Lizzie McGuire are set to lose their minds. Disney just announced that they will be putting together a revival of their Disney Channel hit Lizzie McGuire on Disney+, and the series will have Hilary Duff reprising her famous role. Not only that, but it will also involve original Lizzie McGuire creator Terri Minsky, and is the first project under a new deal between Minsky and Disney Channel. The new series will be a sequel to the original show and will follow a 30-year-old McGuire as she navigates through life in New York City (via Deadline).

It will also feature an animated version of young McGuire just like the original show, who will offer up humorous takes on what McGuire's really thinking, and while Duff is slated to return we aren't sure if other members of the cast are doing so as well.

Duff actually came out on stage at D23 to talk a bit about her big return, and she couldn't be happier to be as she calls it back home.

"Hilary Duff in stage, will reprise her #LizzieMcGuire role on #DisneyPlus. “It’s so great to be home... Lizzie is older, wiser and has a much bigger shoe budget, which is exciting.” #D23Expo2019"


Fans also got a look at the logo for the upcoming series, which you can check out above.

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