'LOST' Showrunner Gives Final Word On Possible Series Reboot

While we're still nearly 80 years away from the next century, we think it's safe to say that the [...]

While we're still nearly 80 years away from the next century, we think it's safe to say that the ABC series LOST is one of the most influential shows of the 21st century, thanks to its blend of drama, sci-fi and mysterious narrative threads that caused an abundance of audience analysis. The series ended in 2010 to mixed reactions, but if you were hoping you could see the series return, co-showrunner Carlton Cuse revealed that he doesn't see that ever happening.

"[Co-creator] Damon [Lindelof] and I are pretty adamant about the fact that we don't have any intentions of rebooting LOST," Cuse told a crowd at New York Comic Con. "I know that there are a lot of shows that have been rebooted lately, but we are not on that path."

Since the show has ended, Cuse has gone on to craft a variety of projects, ranging from Bates Motel to Jack Ryan. Despite the duo not having any interest in reviving the series, earlier this year, Lindelof shared some advice on how the series could come back, even if he doesn't want it to.

"[I] hope that when that happens, whoever is doing it, doesn't take the characters from the original LOST and put them in the new one," Lindelof told TV Line. "Because we worked so hard to end that show and to give [the survivors] some level of closure. I know there was some debate as to whether or not there was enough closure."

While Cuse has focused on more straightforward storytelling, Lindelof got to flex his mysterious muscles by creating the three-season series The Leftovers, focusing on a world where 2% of the planet's population vanishes without a trace.

Interestingly, one of TV's seminal mystery series, Twin Peaks, returned earlier this year after a 25-year absence, to much acclaim. The groundbreakingly bizarre TV series was canceled after its second season, despite the season finale ending on a cliffhanger. Series co-creator David Lynch filled in some gaps with his prequel film Fire Walk With Me, but many fans felt unfulfilled, only for some of their questions to finally be answered earlier this year.

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