Magical Girl Friendship Squad: Nut Discovers Reality TV in Delightful New Clip (Exclusive)

Magical Girl Friendship Squad is back with an all-new episode tonight, and we've got your exclusive first look. The new episode is titled Reality TV Distractions, and as you can see in the clip above, it features the lovable Red Panda creator of the universe Nut learning how addicting reality television can be. This all starts thanks to Alex revealing that reality television makes her feel content about having one blazer, and Nut soon decides to give one particular program, The Real Housewives of Idaho, a chance. At first, Nut sees all of it as rather appalling, but she's soon completely hooked.

We also learn about the Agony Solstice, which Daisy is freaking out about when she enters the room. She's trying to quickly clean up before the event, and while we don't know what the Agony Solstice is exactly, we can infer that it's the traditional meet up with her parents from the hints she gives.

You can check out the clip in the video above, and for those unfamiliar with the show, you can check out the official description below.

"MAGICAL GIRL FRIENDSHIP SQUAD airs as part of SYFY’s late-night adult animation block TZGZ. For the series, when a little red panda named Nut (Ana Gasteyer) arrives in the apartment of two directionless twenty-somethings and gives them the ability to transform into badass magical girls, Alex (Quinta Brunson) and Daisy (Anna Akana) are forced to get their shit together in order to save the Universe from otherworldly threats. Through a journey of love and friendship and with the help of their magical objects (birth control and a bong), Alex and Daisy learn to wield their new powers and protect their mysterious panda friend who claims to be the creator of the Universe.

The anime-inspired comedy also stars Matteo Lane. Christine Baranski, Eric Bauza, Helen Hong, Manny Jacinto and Sarah “Squirm” Sherman recur. Guest stars include Paget Brewster, Patti Harrison, Jamie Loftus, Vella Lovell and Jason Mantzoukas.

Produced by Cartuna, the MAGICAL GIRL FRIENDSHIP SQUAD franchise, which includes a shorter-form version ORIGINS, is created by Kelsey Stephanides, who also serves as showrunner. James Belfer, Adam Belfer and Max Benator executive produce, along with Hallie Cantor who is also the lead writer.


Magical Girl Friendship Squad airs as part of SYFY's TZGZ late night animation block on Saturdays at midnight.

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