Mayor of Kingstown Season 3 Already Being Planned

The second season of the hit series Mayor of Kingstown is set to premiere this week on Paramount+ but the future for the series is already looking bright. With the hit series already a part of the Taylor Sheridan stable of TV shows its status as living on appeared pretty safe to begin with, but we've now heard it from the horse's mouth first hand. Speaking With's Chris Killian in an exclusive interview, series co-creator and star Hugh Dillon opened up about the future of the show, teasing that they're already well into the planning stages of what happens after season part because he and Taylor Sheridan have been thinking about it for years.

"Taylor and I, like I said, it took 10 years to build (the show). So we were two guys who were like, 'Then what happens?' And so as he's helping me audition and he's doing his thing, we are constantly building this. So by the time it hit, we had 10 years to construct it. So yeah, we've got a big future planned for Mayor."

Naturally Mayor of Kingstown star Jeremy Renner has been in the news after his tragic snowplow accident sent him to the hospital. Dillon also spoke with us about his star's condition, revealing that he was sent a special message by his star that made confirmed he'd be okay.

"It was the biggest relief it was such a rollercoaster because when I got the news I wanted to fly out and find him and see him," Dillon told us. "Then he sent me a video the next day, the biggest relief in my life, because it was so funny and profane and I was just like, okay, he's gonna come back. He's just so funny. He's like a brother to me. It's like, you know, we've worked on this show for two years. This is my show I created with Taylor Sheridan and he's [Renner] just unstoppable. He's an exceptional talent and the crew loves him. The cast loves him. I love him, and it was, and my world stopped. I just want him to recover and then to get the video and, hey, you know, just profanity, profanity. You know, it just made me laugh and cry at the same time and I just thank God he's okay and he's, you know, on the road to recovery."  

Season two of Mayor of Kingstown, which features Dillon on-screen as well in the role of Detective Ian Ferguson, will premiere on Paramount+ on January 15.