The Midnight Gospel Is Now Available on Netflix

The Midnight Gospel, the new animated show from Adventure Time's Pendleton Ward, is now available on Netflix. The show stars Duncan Trussell as Clancy, a spacecaster using a multiverse simulator to interview a variety of creatures and people. While the subject matter of the show largely uses Trussell's podcast, the Duncan Trussell Family Hour, as a base, it goes pretty far off from that subject matter in quick order to feature zombies, fishbowl robots, and more.

The first season of the show includes eight episodes, all of which follow the same core conceit of taking an interview from Trussell and warping it into something more via animation. Because the show isn't exactly starring Trussell as himself, there's a little new dialogue that's been recorded here and there, and the melding of the two parts largely works save for a few instances.

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Here's a snippet of's official review of The Midnight Gospel, which gave the show a 4 out of 5:


"Overall, I’m not quite sure if I enjoyed watching The Midnight Gospel, but I absolutely can’t stop thinking about it. And maybe the point isn’t to like it, but to chew on it, anyway? It’s not like the interview subject matter is light reading material -- there’s a whole episode about ceremonial magic and Eastern traditions -- and the animation flies by at a pace where new, fantastical environments, characters, and obstacles are introduced practically every minute. The Midnight Gospel made me laugh, think hard thoughts about things I never have, and contrary to many other shows, I can already imagine myself returning to Clancy and his strange, imperfect spacecast multiple times in the future."

The eight-episode first season of The Midnight Gospel is now available on Netflix. That’s right; the show released on 4/20. It stars Duncan Trussell as Clancy, a spacecaster who interviews a variety of different subjects, and uses material originally included as part of the Duncan Trussell Family Hour podcast with animation from Titmouse. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the animated series right here.