Millie Bobby Brown Splits Kneecap, Drops Out Of MTV Movie And TV Awards

Fans were looking forward to seeing some of the Stranger Things cast take the stage of the MTV [...]

Fans were looking forward to seeing some of the Stranger Things cast take the stage of the MTV Movie and TV awards, but Millie Bobby Brown won't be making the trip.

Millie Bobby Brown plays Eleven on the hit Netflix series, and while some of her co-stars will be in attendance, a sudden injury has forced her to call off her trip, and it's a nasty sounding injury to boot.

"Hi guys, so, another milestone in my life," Brown said. "I've never actually broken a bone, except for now. I have split my kneecap so from the doctor's orders, he told me to rest up and that means I won't be attending the MTV awards this weekend, but I hope Gaten, Caleb, Finn, Sadie, and Noah have the best time, and I love them so dearly so I wish you guys the best and sending my luck with you and I'll be there in spirit. Love you guys so much and peace out!"

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She doesn't mention how she injured it during the video, but a split kneecap just sounds ridiculously painful, so we wish her a speedy recovery!

The Stranger Things star will be reprising her role in season 3 of the hit show when it returns later this year. Not much is known about season 3 just yet, but fans can expect the same mix of 80s themes and supernatural detective work. Stranger Things season 2 featured a time jump (from 83 to 84) and with the craziness that unfolded in season 2 we wouldn't be surprised if they jumped once more to 85 or further.

As for Brown, we can't wait to see what her role in this year's season will be, but fans are seeing less of her on social media these days after she left Twitter. She hasn't released an official statement on why she left the social media platform, but many suspect it had to do with the constant surge of memes that featured her likeness and homophobic slurs. It isn't really known what started them in the first place, but the popularity spiked for some reason and that is probably at least one factor of why she left Twitter.

Fans will get to see her back in the world of Stranger Things when season 3 hits later this year.