Michael C. Hall Unsure About More Dexter: "Never Say Never"

It's no secret the original series finale of Dexter is one of the most despised episodes in the history of television, with longtime fans of the series distraught over how the story of Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) came to end. The poor reception to the finale ultimately led to the return of Clyde Phillips, the writer behind the show's first four seasons. Together, Phillips, Hall, and other Dexter mainstays reassembled for Dexter: New Blood, a new season to act as the definitive ending of the show.

Still, Hall says he'll still "never say never" about returning to the role, despite feeling the character's arc is as complete as it can be given New Blood's shocking finale.

"I've learned to say never say never about anything, you know, the show ended in a pretty definitive way in this final reboot season, I don't have any calendar date to mark when I'll be pretend to play that guy anymore," Hall said on a recent appearance on the Lipps Service podcast. "I feel proud of the whole of it, and I'm glad that we went back and revisited the character and gave the show a sort of ending it needed... I think [smiles]. I don't know, it's kinda nice to be released."

In the finale, Dexter winds up dead after being shot by his son Harrison. Hall previously said he thought the new finale was the perfect ending to the character, one he thought was well-deserved.

"Some people will have predicted it, and some will be shocked by it," Hall told the Los Angeles Times. "Some people will accept it, some people will reject it. I think it will be difficult for people to grapple with his fate given that he is someone they have spent a lot of time with and have a lot of affection for—at least in some cases."


"The way the season concludes is one that resonates with me. It feels justifiable," he continued. "As upsetting as it may be, I hope audiences will appreciate the resonance of Dexter dying this way at the hands of his son."

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