'Mr. Robot' Renewed for Season 4

USA Network has renewed its cult-hit series Mr. Robot for season 4, just as season 3 is about to air its finale episode. Show creator Sam Esmail posted the official announcement on social media:

Calm down everyone. #MrRobot season_4.0 writers' room is officially open for business.

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Mr. Robot season 3 threw several big twists at viewers, including some shocking character deaths, and a game-changing event in the form of a massive terrorist attack, carried out by Elliot's alter-ego Mr. Robot, Tyrell Wellick, The Dark Army hackers, and Angela. Needless to say, the latter has not been coping well.

The season 3 finale will see Elliot striking back against the Dark Army, while The Dark Army has their sights set on Elliot. The fates of side characters like Tyrell, Darlene, and Angela's sanity also hang in the balance. No telling what other big twist Esmail has in mind to set up season 4.

Tune into the Mr. Robot season 3 finale tonight @ 9/8c on USA Network.