Mr. T Addresses Possibility of an A-Team Reboot

As reboots and revivals have become a staple for television programming there are still a few [...]

As reboots and revivals have become a staple for television programming there are still a few properties that haven't (yet) been part of the latest craze from network television. New versions of Walker, Texas Ranger, Battlestar Galactica, Rugrats, and The Equalizer are all either currently airing or in the works, but the classic property The A-Team has yet to be touched. Speaking with our sister site, franchise star Mr. T cast doubt on a potential revival and threw some shade at the previous version of a reboot that was attempted with the movie from director Joe Carnahan.

"They might (reboot it) but it wouldn't be the same," Mr. T said. "Ain't nothing like the real thing. They tried it with the movie, that didn't work. And so, we had a certain chemistry. We came into people's homes every Tuesday night. People got the chance to know us, know what we was about it and all of that. So, it was we had time and it was just I had a good relationship with Dwight Schultz, who played Murdoch and Dirk Benedict, Faceman, and Hannibal, George Peppard. It was just, we had that chemistry."

He added, "The best part about The A-Team that I really like that we was playing Army veterans. So, I got a chance when we wasn't filming, we would go to the veterans' hospitals and visit the veterans. And also, I like the fact that we never killed nobody on the show. We shot a lot of bullets and blew up a lot of stuff, but The A-Team never killed nobody. And my thing, I spoke a lot at schools and tell the kids to stay in school. Don't do drugs and listen to their parents and all of that. So, it would've been contradicting myself telling them kids don't bring guns to school and don't deal with guns and here I am shooting up everybody."

The entertainer also revealed that he was initially asked to cameo in the 2010 reboot starring Bradley Cooper, Liam Neeson, Sharlto Copley and Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. He turned down the opportunity and also confirmed he hasn't seen the film either.

"I don't do no cameo on something that I created," Mr. T said. "Don't insult me."

That reboot of the property arrived back in 2010 from 20th Century Fox and also starred Jessica Biel, Patrick Wilson, Jon Hamm, Henry Czerny, and Omari Hardwick. The film received mixed reviews upon release and failed to set the box office on fire to boot.